Today I am going to discuss 5 reasons of why you would be selling your house and how I can help. I will also briefly discuss each point and process. Not, only will I add my input but I will also add how Dora Buys Houses here in Lee’s Summit can help you with your house.

Foreclosure if you are heading towards foreclosure now is the time to act. Whether you are 3-4 Months late on your mortgage payment now would be a good time to contemplate other options. I believe some banks initiate foreclosure after 120 days of delayed payment. Even after foreclosure has been initiated you have the opportunity to pay the late payments along with additional costs and fees. After paying the late payments, you would be allowed to reinstate the loan. The bank would have to approved the reinstatement. Most banks do approve this. If you can avoid this and see yourself going down this path, call Dora Buys Houses. We offer assistance to avoid foreclosure.

Relocate, if you are looking to relocate Dora Buys Houses here in Lee’s Summit, Missouri can help. We can help purchase your home with no fees, and a quick close.

Stage House- If you are looking to move but don’t want to stage your house we definitely understand. Many people don’t wan to stage their house every time someone walks in to see the house. Again, Dora Buys Houses here in Lee’s Summit, Missouri can help with a quick close and a fast purchase.

Home Repairs- Another reason you would consider using Dora Buys Houses here in Lee’s Summit, Missouri would be if you don’t want to deal with any home repairs. You are done. You don’t want to spend another 2-3 months repairing the house in additional to more money. Dora Buys Houses can help.

Lastly, another reason you would sell your house to Dora Buys Houses would be if you have low equity. If for some reason you purchased your home recently and you are ready to move on, we can help.

If any of the above mention points apply to you and you need to sell your house quickly here in Lee’s Summit , Missouri or the surrounding areas. Please feel free to visit my website and enter your property information and we will be in contact with your shortly. You can also call us on the number that appears on the website. So, please don’t hesitate to visit our website and get informed today.

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